Funded by the National Science Foundation

With funding from the National Science Foundation, the Taskforce in collaboration with the Center for Student Success and building on what was learned from the first project has expanded the original goals to include intermediate algebra and a mentorship program.

Project goals include:

  • Gather and review existing data on exemplary programs in mathematics
  • Solicit innovative and effective strategies from community colleges
  • Establish statewide network of mathematics educators & public advisory board
  • Create a center for the Teaching and Learning of Algebra
  • Disseminate information on successful programs via web and CMC³ newsletters to all California Community Colleges
  • Establish collaborative partnerships between colleges with existing successful programs and those seeking to improve success rates
  • Establish teams to assist other colleges in the implementation and replication of successful programs
  • Highlight successful programs at state mathematics conferences in northern and southern California

Currently, several colleges are participating in a mentorship program to develop a math study center, a math specific study skills course or implement a computer assisted component to a standard algebra course. All projects are being tested using the research protocols established during the first phase of the project.